01 Fully Customizable

Whether you’re looking for lighting for Holidays, Gamedays, or just wanting to add accent lighting to your home, Shimmer Trims’ Three-Diode RGB lights have you covered. Our app provides you with full control of your lights. You can control colors, brightness, and pattern of each light individually.

Install the Presets in 5 steps!
Step 1: Connect to your lights via the WLED or WLED Native App

Step 2: Head to the security and updates option found in the config settings of your app

Step 3: Navigate to the “Restore Presets” option and upload the “Shimmer Trim Presets” file (make sure you are uploading to the presets section, and not the “configuration” section

Step 4: Scroll back to the top of the app and hit “Save & Reboot”

Step 5: Click the preset button in the bottom right and enjoy your new presets!

02 Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Shimmer Trim’s track comes in 6 different color variations to match the color of your trim. The track is built to hide and protect all of the wires that would be otherwise visible. This creates a hidden look while the lights are off.

#ShimmerTrim One and Done right forever!

Black Color

These light bars will match any home with black trim and will hide into the facade. Samples available.

Bronze Color

These light bars will match any home with warm browns and beige colors. Samples available.

Almond Color

These light bars will match any home with warm browns and beige colors. Samples available.


Check out this great project including multiple peaks.


This corner home needed all sides and all peaks. This was a great light installation and the homeowners are very pleased with their new festive lights.




#just clickit!

Second Roof Peak

Don't worry about multiple peaks, we can handle any size home or business. Leave the ladder climbing to us!

Friendly with Neighbors

We get 99% of installations done the same day. Your neighbors will barely notice we were there. If you know them well we'd love for the referral as well, introductions would be great!

Yard Decorations Recommended

More the merrier!

High Roof Lines

We will bring ladders to handle any peak height.

Snowy Driveway

Please make sure we are able to get into the driveway. We will have some shovels and ladders ready to go once we've arrived.

04 You've got Questions?

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